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    I'm considering working on a game and would like to solicit advice from those of you who have some experience with the matter.

    Last year I published and sold a game on Steam. That game was licensed from a foreign company, so although I worked with adding steamworks features such as achievements etc. I did not work on designing, coding, art, or such. But I did have to touch nearly every part of the game, so I have some idea of just how large of a project game development can be. The publishing itself was a highly nontrivial endeavor in and of itself.

    But because I know this niche reasonably well I think that I can design a game. But I don't know where to look for resources. Much of what is recommended for learning seems to be embedded in the middle of some youtube lecture or behind some marketing-gimmick courseware. So I have a few questions:

    1. What should I consider when deciding whether or not I should work on a game? Is there something that is an "open secret" that I should be aware of?
    2. What does the game design process look like for indies?
    3. Where do people recruit team members? What does compensation look like?
    4. Are there any good blogs about the entire process of launching a game?