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Airflow 2.0.0 Beta8u2 (For 32&64 Windows)

Discussion in 'Reverser Official Releases' started by Nixz, Jul 11, 2019.

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    Airflow 2.0.0 Beta8u2 (For 32&64 Windows)


    Airflow Homepage

    Watch local content on Apple TV and Chromecast.
    No waiting, no indexing, just drag, drop and watch.
    It really doesn't get any easier.
    Sophisticated and unique video processing pipeline...
    The heart of Airflow. It ensures best possible video quality with lowest CPU load.

    How? Airflow transparently remuxes videos that can be remuxed and transcodes videos that need to be transcoded. Transcoding is hardware accelerated if your computer supports it. Sounds too technical? That's why we built Airflow. It hides all those pesky details and just worksTM.

    Great Subtitle supports
    Subtitles are important. Unlike most similar software, Airflow doesn't need to transcode video to display text subtitles. This results in better video quality and lower CPU load. DVD and Bluray subtitles are supported.

    Playlists and Last Positions
    Airflow lets you organize files into playlists so that watching of multiple episodes is as seamless as it gets.

    Airflow remembers your playback position for every file. It also watches current folder and for new files automatically select next file for uninterrupted playback.
    Scrubbing preview
    Seeking doesn't have to be a mystery. With instant scrubbing preview you know where you'll land before the content loads. Also available on Apple TV 4 when scrubbing using touch remote.
    Surround Sound
    Full 5.1 audio support with both Chromecast and Apple TV.

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