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AKVIS MakeUp 5.0.651.15806 - Retouch Your Portraits

Discussion in 'Mac Applications (Steve Jobs tribute)' started by QueenKong, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. QueenKong

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    May 13, 2017
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    AKVIS MakeUp 5.0.651.15806

    AKVIS MakeUp improves portraits and adds glamour to photos, giving them a professional look.

    The software lets you retouching small defects on a skin, making it radiant, beautiful, pure and even, as you can see on artistic images. It is amazing how much a good complexion adds to rejuvenating and freshening up a look!

    Stylish, glamorous photographs have become the hallmark of the fashion industry. But not everyone knows that before a photo hits the pages of a magazine, it is subjected to thorough processing.

    These tricks of professional photographers are now available to everyone!

    Just open a portrait with AKVIS MakeUp and click on the Run button. The software will retouch and freshen up the skin without changing other aspects of the photo.

    Requires Intel Mac OS X 10.7+ Photoshop CS6+.

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