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Alt-N MDaemon Email Server Discussion

Discussion in 'News, Freeware, Open Source and Discussions' started by r45, Mar 11, 2019.

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    Apr 18, 2018
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    Changes in MDaemon 19.0.0 – April 16, 2019:
    [16456] Hosted email options with MDaemon Private Cloud are now available. To learn more, please visit: http://www.altn.com/Products/MDaemon-Private-Cloud/.

    [8811] MDaemon’s disk space calculations were being made inconsistently in several places (for example, sometimes using 1000, sometimes using 1024 bytes for a kilobyte computation). This has been fixed to use 1024 consistently. As a result your users’ disk space quota values may be slightly different than in previous versions. Please check and make whatever adjustments (if any) you feel are required.

    [20595] The “Start MDaemon” Start Menu shortcut on new installs now defaults to opening a browser to MDaemon Remote Administration rather than opening an MDaemon Configuration Session. To change this, edit \MDaemon\App\MDaemon.ini and set [MDLaunch] OpenConfigSession=Yes/No and OpenRemoteAdmin=Yes/No, or use the “Open MDaemon Configuration Session” or “Open MDaemon Remote Administration” shortcuts instead of “Start MDaemon”. Set the “Remote Administration URL” at Setup | Web & IM Services | Remote Administration | Web Server if the auto-generated URL does not work or if Remote Administration runs in an external web server. If a working URL cannot be determined, a Configuration Session will be opened instead.

    [21263] The option “Only send antivirus update notification on failure” is now enabled by default, and when updating to MDaemon 19, it will be enabled the first time MDaemon starts up.

    [19471] SyncML has been deprecated and removed.

    [21118] TLS Server Name Indication (SNI) support

    SNI allows a different certificate to be used for each of your server’s hostnames. MDaemon will look at the active certificates and choose the one that has the requested hostname in its Subject Alternative Names field. If the client does not request a hostname, or no matching certificate is found, then the default certificate is used.

    [19427] XML-API for Folder and Item Management
    The XML-API has been expanded to include the ability to manage mailbox folders and items in the folders. Folders can be created, deleted, renamed, and moved using the API. Item operations support email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and notes. Items can be created, deleted and moved using the API. Full documentation can be found in the MDaemon\Docs\API\XML-API\ directory.

    • [21008] MD AntiVirus – Added ClamAV to Content Filter’s virus scanning instead of it being a separate plugin. When a message or attachment is being scanned it is first scanned by Cyren AV engine and then scanned by ClamAV engine. Either can be enabled/disabled at Security | AntiVirus | Virus Scanning.
    • [21303] ActiveSync Migration Client – Changed the Default User Path used by ASMC when migrating data. If ASMC is running on an MDaemon installation, and if the output path is not specified, it will build the output path based on the “New Accounts” template.
    • [20848] Autodiscover Service – Support has been added for eM Client, Thunderbird, Outlook, and other clients utilizing the same specification.
    • [21222] Webmail – Added a delete icon for removing common contacts from the autocomplete list.
    • [20948] MDRA – Added license management options to the Registration page.
    • [17057] MDRA – Added AntiVirus Updater and Scheduler dialogs.
    • [21214] Webmail – Added a reference to the XMPP BOSH KBA 1210 in the Webmail IM client error message.
    • [14277] MDRA – Changed the popout windows save options to Apply, Save and Close, and Cancel.
    • [11443] MDRA – Added queue counts, process message counts, other process counts, session statistics, and more process states to the Status page. Added tabs for window sizes over 480px to view information without scrolling.
    • [21301] Webmail – Compose, Signatures, and Email Templates – Removed the Paste, Paste Plain Text, and Paste From Word buttons from the HTML editor (since they do not work), and removed the HTML editor context menu, so that users can right click copy/cut/paste.
    • [21307] MDRA – Domain Signatures, Signatures, and CFilter append signature – Removed the Paste, Paste Plain Text, and Paste From Word buttons from the HTML editor (since they do not work), and removed the HTML editor context menu, so that users can right click copy/cut/paste.
    • [21314] MDRA – Improved data collection system for more accurate analytics.
    • [21311] Webmail – Improved data collection system for more accurate analytics.
    • [21302] Webmail – Added an option for users to allow Webmail to automatically create an “All Unread” and/or an “All Flagged” saved search. Users are prompted on login only one time, and only if they have Saved Search Folders enabled. If a user chooses “No”, the option is still available under Options | Folders. Admins may suppress these prompts by adding DefaultSavedSearchesCheck=Yes to the MDaemon\WorldClient\Domains.ini file under [Default:UserDefaults].
    • [21343] Updated MDaemon Connector to version 6.0.0.
    • [20819] The options to send authentication failure reports and frozen account reports to end users have been made available in the on-premise version of MDaemon.
    • [21354] Webmail – WorldClient theme – attachment list action icons (download, import, delete, etc.) have been darkened and the size increased to make them easier to see.
    • [21359] Updated Outbreak Protection engine to version
    • [20917] Added an option to revoke user access to ActiveSync when ActiveSync is disabled for the domain.
    • [21328] Webmail – Added “(EXPIRED)” to the browser tab title when the session expires, so that if a user is not in the Webmail tab the user will still know that the session expired.
    • [21357] Spam Filter – Updated spam filter engine with SpamAssassin 3.4.2.
    • [21376] MDRA – Further improved data collection system for more accurate analytics.
    • [20962] Added a new “External message warning” rule in the Content Filter that adds a warning to the top of messages from external senders. The rule is disabled by default. Customize and enable it if you wish. It uses a new condition that compares the domains in the Return-Path, Sender, and From headers to the recipient’s domain, and a new action that adds warning text to the top of a message.
    • [19791] Added options to Security | Spam Filter | Spam Honeypots and Security | Security Settings | Screening | SMTP Screen to enable/disable the Dynamic Screening notification when an IP is blocked.
    • [21286] The STARTTLS White List now takes precendence over the STARTTLS Required List and the “SMTP server requires STARTTLS on MSA port” option.
    • [13663] LOGIN is preferred over CRAM-MD5 when authenticating to a remote SMTP server over a TLS connection.
    • [21018] fix to MDRA – Domain Settings – New Clients Must Be Authorized and Log Level options are visible
    • [21204] fix to Webmail – Voice Recorder broken in the latest FF and latest Chrome
    • [21213] fix to Webmail – Compose – pasting an image into the HTML editor fails in Chrome 49
    • [21137] fix to Location Screening Statistics missing from the MD Statistics Report
    • [21342] fix to MDRA – Cannot change Webmail Settings option for “Send read confirmations”
    • [21365] fix to Webmail – LookOut and WorldClient themes – Users cannot right click on the download link in the attachment list
    • [21346] fix to CalDAV – Unable to delete an occurrence of a recurring event using the DAVDroid client
    • [21341] fix to MDRA – When setting a mailing list to be moderated, a warning pops up
    • [21451] fix to MDRA – Changing the Remote Admin Log File Directory results in WebAdmin-HTTP and WebAdmin-WDaemon log files being inaccessible via Remote Admin
    • [21467] fix to incorrect default AV paths to warning files
    • [21283] fix to Restricted Attachments – When an ALLOW entry exists, quarantined files overwrite existing files
    • [21136] fix to mailing list non-delivery reports not being delivered to bounce address
    • [21494] fix to Webmail – the Subject of a particular message is truncated
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    Mar 18, 2019
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    Any one using MDaemon and it's ActiveSync add-on with MacOS native apps (Mac Mail, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts)?
    How it the AS support with those apps?
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    Oct 16, 2018
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    Not using apple stuff here but active sync is a protocol so only if Apple has tinkered with the protocol (wouldn't be the first time they messed up standards) it wouldn't work.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2019
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    Apr 18, 2018
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    Changes in MDaemon 19.0.1 – May 15, 2019:
    • [21460] Updated ClamAV to version 0.101.2.
    • [20850] Added support for setting folder ACLs via DAV server using eMClient.
    • [19150] MDIM – Added “Send” button when “Set IM ‘Enter’ key to send message” is turned off.
    • [21660] Updated MDaemon Connector to version 6.0.1.
    • [21030] fix to SPF record may not be found if the DNS response is truncated
    • [21604] fix to possible MDaemon.exe crash when AV is enabled
    • [21611] fix to LookOut and WorldClient themes – All Unread and All Flagged searches not translated
    • [21612] fix to LookOut theme – “Search Results” not being translated
    • [19933] fix to AV – Attaching a file in winmail.dat with special characters will cause AV scanner to hang
    • [20824] fix to Content Filter – The regex tester in the GUI does case-sensitive search but the rules processing engine does case-insensitive search
    • [21617] fix to when synchronizing a contact from the CardBook plugin from Thunderbird, the second work phone number is lost
    • [21603] fix to MDRA – Japanese – some translations are not encoded correctly
    • [21598] fix to MDRA – In certain circumstances, accounts show a negative value in the Mailbox Size chart
    • [21569] fix to LookOut and WorldClient themes – With HTML Compose disabled, clicking Save button does not save a draft of a message
    • [21620] fix to MDRA – Creating new public folder removes the first character
    • [21545] fix to MDRA – UI not consistent between GUI and MDRA for adding wildcards to sender blacklist
    • [21558] fix to MDRA – some text is not translated
    • [21542] fix to LookOut theme – HTML markup visible in window title
    • [21465] fix to MDRA – Users are not warned about unsupported browsers
    • [21455] fix to LookOut theme – Folder share “No Access” string is not being translated
    • [20594] fix to LookOut and WorldClient themes – After creating a new folder, the corresponding folder type is blank under Default Folders
    • [19940] fix to MDRA – buttons are too large on a 4k monitor
    • [21616] fix to AV – fix to the handling of error when scanning RAR files with Cyren AV
    • [21626] fix to WorldClient.exe crash at startup when using a particular SSL certificate
    • [21637] fix to AutoDiscover sometimes failing because it cannot access MDDP
    • [21640] fix to ActiveSync: When renaming a domain, the corresponding accounts in the AirSyncUser.dat are not changed
    • [21647] fix to iOS IMAP account does not automatically configure itself to use the server’s Sent Items and Deleted Items folders
    • [21650] fix to unexpected error while virus scanning TNEF attachments if the ClamAV engine is disabled
    • [21638] fix to CalCalDAVErrorDomain; Error: 14 when adding CalDAV account on Mac OS X Calendar application
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    Nov 5, 2017
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    Activesync is a Microsoft standard, not a standard, plenty of problems unless you use Microsoft Outlook+Microsoft Exchange Server
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    Apr 18, 2018
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    MDaemon 19.0.2 - June 13, 2019
    [16456] Hosted email options with MDaemon Private Cloud are now available. To learn more, please visit: http://www.altn.com/Products/MDaemon-Private-Cloud/.

    • [21694] Updated MDaemon Connector to version 6.0.2.
    • [21668] fix to CALDAV - Tentative meeting shows as busy in eM Client
    • [21679] fix to Webmail - Public Calendar - calendar may not be displayed
    • [21657] fix to LookOut and WorldClient themes - Cannot save draft when sending message fails
    • [21680] fix to crash in MDASMgmt.dll
    • [21683] fix to the ActiveSync Migration Client incorrectly parsing timezone data
    • [21662] fix to AutoDiscover not fully supporting Encryption options
    • [21692] fix to CARDDAV - A new contact folder created on the client is created as a calendar folder on the server
    • [21701] fix to CALDAV/CARDDAV - if rich text formatting is used in item's description field it is not saved by the server and the item's description is lost
    • [21693] fix to CalDAV - Propfind response missing a trailing slash for task folders
    • [21716] fix to Webmail - Cannot log in using Lite theme when Send Anonymous Usage Data is disabled
    • [21775] fix to AntiVirus - A file detected as non-scannable by Cyren AV but clean by ClamAV is not considered non-scannable
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    Apr 18, 2018
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    Changes in MDaemon 19.0.3 – July 16, 2019:

    • [21794] fix to AutoDiscover does not return the SMTP port when the dedicated SSL ports are enabled
    • [21810] fix to ActiveSync server may crash when sending a read receipt
    • [21856] fix to CALDAV – saving a calendar with a reminder set in eM Client returns an error and the event is not displayed in the calendar
    • [21862] fix to ActiveSync – Work around WP8/WP10 <MoreAvailable /> client bug
    • [21859] fix to ActiveSync – Creating ActiveSync profiles using alias counts against ActiveSync license
    • [21865] fix to XMPPServer – possible crashing problem with BOSH server
    • [21881] fix to possible crash in mdautodiscover.dll
    • [21889] fix to SPF policies are truncated after 512 characters
    • [21904] fix to Antivirus – sometimes AV engine does not wait long enough for ClamD to finish loading so it will repeatedly shut down ClamD and restart it