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Apex True dBgrid Pro 6.0c FULL

Discussion in 'VB6/ActiveX' started by solover, Jan 7, 2018.

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    True DBGrid Pro 6.0 is the Official Upgrade Grid to the DBGrid included in Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0. True DBGrid Pro 6.0 adds more than 100 timesaving data presentation and user interface features to DBGrid and provides full support for all Microsoft data binding technologies included in Visual Studio 6.0. The 32-bit True DBGrid Pro 6.0 data-aware control completely manages all database operations, thereby enabling the developer to focus on important application-specific tasks. The user-friendly interface and rich feature set make True DBGrid Pro 6.0 the grid of choice for enterprise-wide Internet/intranet front-end database application development. Native ADO and OLE DB Support: True DBGrid Pro 6.0 contains two OCX controls, an ICursor version (for connecting to the Microsoft Remote Data Control and the VB5 and VB6 intrinsic data controls), and an ODE DB version (for connecting to OLE DB and ADO compatible data sources, such as the ADO data control included in VB6). The two OCXs are functionally identical, differing only in the data access methods supported. Replaces True DBGrid: True DBGrid Pro 6.0 is the newest version in the APEX family of grid control products. It replaces True DBGrid Pro 5.0 (version 5.0d). True DBGrid Pro 6.0 includes all of the functionality in True DBGrid 5.0d and much more. True DBGrid Pro 6.0 Highlights: True DBGrid Pro 6.0 is the most feature rich grid ever developed for Visual Studio. With nearly 300 properties, methods, and events, True DBGrid Pro 6.0 provides developers the flexibility and robustness needed to create user friendly, Internet/intranet enabled database applications faster and more cost effectively than ever before. Some of the many new features include: Formatted preview and printing, Multicolumn sorting and searching with an enhanced XArray object, Column footers, OLE drag and drop, Enhanced styles, Merge cells, Full support for IE4 and other ActiveX compatible browsers, Export to HTML files, In-cell editing using an external OCX, More than 60 NEW properties, methods, and events, More than 40 NEW samples and tutorials with source code, Superb online help and 520 page manual, And much more! Check http://www.apexsc.com/ for more info.

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