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Apress - The Definitive Guide to Firebase, Build Android Apps on Google's Mobile Platform

Discussion in 'Certifications, eBooks and Tutorials' started by Montaraz, Dec 4, 2017.

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    Jul 11, 2017
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    Plan how to build a better app, grow it into a business, and earn money from your hard work using Firebase. In this book, Laurence Moroney, Staff Developer Advocate at Google, takes you through each of the 15 Firebase technologies, showing you how to use them with concrete examples. You’ll see how to build cross-platform apps with the three pillars of the Firebase platform: technologies to help you develop apps with a real-time database, remote configuration, cloud messaging, and more; grow your apps with user sharing, search integration, analytics, and more; and earn from your apps with in-app advertising.

    After reading The Definitive Guide to Firebase, you'll come away empowered to make the most of this technology that helps you build better cross-platform mobile apps using either native Android or JavaScript-based web apps and effectively deploy them in a cloud environment.

    What You'll Learn
    • Use the real-time database for a codeless middleware that gives online and offline data for syncing across your users’ devices
    • Master Firebase Cloud Messaging, a technology that delivers to connected devices in less than 500ms
    • Grow your app organically with technologies such App Indexing, App Invites, and Dynamic Links
    • Understand problems when they arise with crash reporting
    • Fix user problems without direct access to users’ devices
    • Tie it all together with analytics that give you great intelligence about how users interact with your app
    Who This Book Is For

    Experienced Android, mobile app developers new to Firebase. This book is also for experienced web developers looking to build and deploy web apps for smartphones and tablets, too, who may be new or less experienced with mobile programming.

    PUBLISHER: Apress
    AUTHOR: Laurence Moroney
    LANGUAGE: English
    ISBN: 9781484229439

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