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Crack Aspose.Words for .NET v19.10

Discussion in 'DotNet' started by Excon, Oct 13, 2019 at 01:55.

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    Feb 18, 2019
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    Aspose.Words for .NET v19.10

    Aspose.Words for .NET is an advanced Word document processing API to perform a wide range of document management and manipulation tasks. API supports to generate, modify, convert, render and print documents without utilizing Microsoft Word directly within cross-platform applications. Moreover, API supports all the popular Word Processing file formats as well as allows exporting or converting Word documents to fixed-layout file formats and most commonly used image/multimedia formats.

    By integrating API, some of the basic tasks developers can perform such as designing of fully-featured Microsoft Word reports having standard mail merge fields, reliable conversion between several popular formats, high fidelity rendering of pages, formatting of all document elements and more.

    Advanced .NET Word API Features
    • Perform mail merge & generate reports
    • Insert formatted text, paragraphs, images, and tables
    • Fill tables using data from the database as well as create and modify table styles
    • Create mailing labels
    • Move sections between documents
    • Mail merge data from multiple tables
    • Add watermark to document
    • Format date and numeric fields during mail merge
    • Join and split documents
    • Encrypt documents as well as Load encrypted files
    • Find and replace text, enumerate over document content
    • Preserve or extract OLE objects and ActiveX controls
    • Preserve or remove VBA macros
    • Preserve VBA macros' digital signature
    • Detect digital signatures
    • Insert HTML contents
    • Interconvert document format
    • Add a bookmark in word files at a deep level
    • Convert EquationXML to Office Math
    • Nested Reports are Supported by LINQ Reporting Engine
    • Create Snip Corner Rectangle
    • Save the resources of MHTML document using the "Content-Id" URL Scheme
    • Show or Hide Comments in Fixed File Format
    • Show Revisions in Balloons

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