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ASProtect SKE 2.56 build 03.17

Discussion in 'Reversing Tools' started by waqasshahid, Apr 9, 2019.

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    ASProtect (formerly ASProtect SKE) is a multifunctional EXE packing tool designed for software developers to protect 32-bit applications with in-built application copy protection system.

    The solution has many advantages, including software compression, provides reliable protection methods and tools for software from unauthorized copying, analysis, disassemblers and debuggers.

    ASProtect also provides enhanced work with registration keys and the ability to create a single application that can change its functionality or expiration, depending on the entered particular key.

    ASProtect features
    • Compression of applications up to 70%.
    • Encryption of applications.
    • Counteraction to dumping application memory using tools like ProcDump.
    • Application integrity check.
    • Protection of software from illegal copying.
    • Protection of software from analysis.
    • Protection of software from disassemblers and debuggers.
    • Protection against memory patching.
    • API for interaction between application and protection routines.
    • Creation and verification of registration keys using public keys encryption algorithms.
    • Keeping of the database and checkup of "stolen" (illegal) registration keys ("blacklisting").
    • Possibility to create evaluation (trial) versions, that limit application functions based on the number of runs and the total running time of the application.
    • Support of pop-up windows with reminders about the license expiry.
    • Generation of registration keys, based on the specific computer system.
    ASProtect benefits
    • Powerful algorithm with up to 15 modes. The protected application can be used in different modes, e.g.:
      • trial (30 day, activated with a key only);
      • registered mode1 (Basic Edition);
      • registered mode2 (Corporate Edition).
      Every mode can be unlocked with a special registration key or (and) a password.

      ASProtect 32 allows setting a special protection function, which consists in encrypting different parts of the code using different encryption keys. Such keys are passed to the application in the activation key of ASProtect 32; as a result, one activation key can decrypt and execute only a part of the code sections. It ensures that user cannot get all the functionality of the protected application with a single activation key.

    • Short registration keys that are used for the convenience of their delivery (for example, sending via email or printing on discs) and simplified user input.
    • ASProtect 32 allows to work with API as with regular imported functions, which greatly facilitates the development of software.
    • Debugging is not blocked during development (prior to security) when using ASProtect API.
    • Large selection of binding objects on hardware and software levels. The application can be bound to a network card, BIOS, processor, operating system, hard disk and a number of other parameters.

    Mega download link

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    Please Enter Password As : ASPR
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    Thank you @HP Owner
    I succeeded finally,
    the steps are:

    1- Choose offline activation
    2- Enter the pass: ASPR and hit enter
    3- on the next screen enter username and generated password and you're done
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