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Blender 3D AddOn: Box Cutter V6.8.9 - Interdimensional GhostScythe

Discussion in 'Icons, Presets, Plugins, Vectors, Wallpapers, ...' started by Filsparo, Sep 12, 2018.

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    Aug 3, 2018
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    BoxCutter 6 is only compatible with Blender 2.78 and above.

    The latest version is always recommended but our compatibility is always with the most current version.

    AR is the architect but it's the same core team.

    Box Cutter has been updated since version 1






    BoxCutter is a fully featured Boolean system more powerful than Booltool and Hard Ops combined however goes in a direction that is unique and different. This is a slicer while hard ops remains a hard surface toolkit.

    The features and workflows developed in Hard Ops are intended to streamline and speed up the hard surface workflow. Box Cutter is merely a concept of another idea that was just too big to be just a button in another plugin.



    There will always be clones. But there is only one BoxCutter.


    There is a distinct difference in the results of this tool when used efficiently compared to any other variant of the idea.


    There is an extensive road-map and we have our eyes on some very interesting features. With time and support we can turn this into something that will cut a new path in the cg world.

    With every update we seek to enhance the user experience. And make Blender not only more welcome for long time users but approachable from others who have never seen this before. We don't want buttons and features. We want simplicity and to offer it in a way that is sensible and intuitive.

    Developed by AR, MX, JL, IS, and endless python mercs.

    Also compatible with Hard Ops and other TeamC products.


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