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Board4all.biz Beginner Guidelines - English

Discussion in 'Beginner / Help Guidelines' started by Challenger, Jun 25, 2018.

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    Board4all.biz Likes System

    Hello and welcome to Board4all.biz, we are pleased you have joined our friendly community.

    On our forum we have a Likes system in place, this likes system is contribution based, i.e. when a member contributes to the forum he/she wraps their external host links around hide tags (using the HTC or HTNX button depending on the section); other members who want to download the content must click the Like button to gain access to the download links. It is those members who Like your post or thread that increase your personal like count.



    To download content on our forum you must be registered and click the Like button at the footer of the post or thread to gain access to the download links.

    Please note that the Reverser Offical Releases and Development sections require a member to have a minimum of 50 likes to download content.

    If you see a likes requirement in any other section please notify a member of staff and they will correct the post for you.


    Before clicking on the Like button you can see if the content has a requirement, i.e. the example below informs me I need 50 more likes to see the external host download links.



    We value anything you want to share but you should be aware that free downloadable content posted in the Public area of the forum does not contribute to your personal likes. There is already a detailed post here that outlines sources of content you can share.

    Thread/Post Problems

    Occasionally you may come across threads with dead links, we ask that you do not reply to the end of the thread with comments such as "Dead Links". Please click on the Report button and report the post/thread - this sends a message to our reporting system which is then made available to all members of staff. We will either attempt to renew the links, ask the original poster to renew them, or failing that we will remove the post.

    As always, if you need further help then please contact a member of staff, and be sure to read our rules before posting.

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