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C# coding style - best practices

Discussion in 'News, Freeware, Open Source and Discussions' started by pongpang2005, Mar 18, 2019.

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    Jan 30, 2019
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    One of the prospective employer did ask me to have a sample at least 700 lines of code for submission. My sales app contains 309 lines of code inluding base class models etc.

    Below details:

    Maintenability Index = 84
    Cyclomatic Complexity = 97
    Depth of Inheritance = 7
    Class Coupling = 75
    Lines of Code = 309

    My point is, why do they need at least lines of code aside for me to submit mandatorily apart from application process?

    The question is does anybody here exercising and/or managing their line of codes specially on project deliveries?

    How about during IT audit, does this also requires to discuss?

    AFAIK, any type of development and/or implementation for as long as it confines with the Agile Process or SDLC(reusable objects), I am fine with it.

    What if the codes from 700s are redudant, with the same process of routine everyday, without even know you already created risk of your development?