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Camel in Action, Second Edition

Discussion in 'REQ > Learning (e-Books & Tutorials)' started by neo, Feb 26, 2018.

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    Mar 1, 2017
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    Dear to all, somebody can upload the following book in epub and pdf format?

    Camel in Action, Second Edition is the most complete Camel book on the market. Written by core developers of Camel and the authors of the highly acclaimed first edition, this book distills their experience and practical insights so that you can tackle integration tasks like a pro.

    about the technology
    Apache Camel is a Java framework that implements enterprise integration patterns (EIPs) and comes with over 200 adapters to third-party systems. A concise DSL lets you build integration logic into your app with just a few lines of Java or XML. By using Camel, you benefit from the testing and experience of a large and vibrant open source community.

    about the book
    Camel in Action, Second Edition is the definitive guide to the Camel framework. It starts with core concepts like sending, receiving, routing, and transforming data. It then goes in depth on many topics such as how to develop, debug, test, deal with errors, secure, scale, cluster, deploy, and monitor your Camel applications. The book also discusses how to run Camel with microservices, reactive systems, containers, and in the cloud.

    what's inside

    • Coverage of all relevant EIPs
    • Camel microservices with Spring Boot
    • Camel on Docker and Kubernetes
    • Error handling, testing, security, clustering, monitoring, and deployment
    • Hundreds of examples in Java and XML

    about the reader
    Readers should be familiar with Java. This book is accessible to beginners and invaluable to experts.

    about the authors
    Claus Ibsen is a senior principal engineer working for Red Hat specializing in cloud and integration. He has worked on Apache Camel for the last nine years where he heads the project. Claus lives in Denmark.

    Jonathan Anstey is an engineering manager at Red Hat and a core Camel contributor. He lives in Newfoundland, Canada.

    Many thanks to who post it
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