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    Previously Apex, this is the updated control of DBGrid6.

    New in version 7.0

    · Enhanced presentation of Master-Detail relationships: In addition to
    showing hierarchical relationships between records, each drop-down display
    is a fully editable grid that can be customised and manipulated.

    · Excel-style cell selection to easily choose any row, column, or range of cells; additional display modes to present data in useful formats.
    (FormView repositions data in a standard 'form' that can be modified as
    needed, and Inverted View repositions rows as columns to provide a
    convenient 'read down' format.)

    · Better keyboard navigation with the ability to control the relative
    position of the next cell when users press the Enter key.

    · Rich scrolling capabilities that allow tracking of the scroll bar
    location and give users an information pop-up as the scroll bar moves.

    · Expanded styles to easily customise row and column borders using new
    appearance, size, colour and type properties; more print and print preview

    · Filter Bar data entry row for implementing custom end-user operations,
    such as incremental search and record set filtering

    · Native integration with True DataControl that adds powerful data access
    and manipulation features

    · Bi-directional language support for both right-to-left and left-to-right

    · Additional 3D effects for 'mouse-overs'

    · Easy-to-use dropdowns with automatic text completion that speed up data
    entry by reducing the number of keystrokes

    · Spring Mode to resize columns proportionately and customisable row and
    column borders

    · Support for Windows 2000 COM Redirection that gives the ability to
    certify applications for Windows 2000

    · Tag Property that allows programmers to attach any type of object to a column

    · Automatic grid cell translation to True DBDropDown values for those who
    want to automatically map a representation to a value by connecting a
    TDBDropDown control to a table.

    True DBGrid Pro 7.0 can be used with Visual Basic and Visual Studio 5.0 and
    6.0 environments. Applications can be distributed with no run-time royalty

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    I have the update from 7.0 to 7.5 somewhere.
    Still trying to find it :(.

    I believe this was the last version of DBGrid pro before version 8.
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    Found it.

    Its actually the update from 7.0 to 7.0a, but I think it's the last patch before 8.0.

    (3) What's New

    The following list describes new features in recent releases.

    Version 7.0a ("Village at Sunset"), Build 7.0.0254

    * Added two new properties, ExpandColor and CollapseColor. This allows the user to change the color of the Expand/Collapse icons for hierarchical recordsets.

    New property: RefreshOnSrcChange (TDataLite 7.0.11)

    This property is True by default. Setting it to False disables automatic
    refresh of the TDataLite control on changes to its DataSource as a whole.
    Suppose TDataLit1.DataSource=Adodc1 (an MS ADO data control).
    If you call Adodc1.Recordset.Requery in code,
    then TDataLite automatically refreshes itself if RefreshOnSrcChange=False.
    Set this property to False if this is undesirable, for example, when
    you make multiple changes to the data source and want to refresh TDataLite
    only once, when all changes are completed.

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