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Directly download Baidu Pan with Chrome/MiPony(IDMs)

Discussion in 'HTTP and FTP links' started by hensy, Jun 9, 2018.

  1. hensy

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    May 31, 2018
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    Baidu Pan network disk locating in China has huge files.
    If you really need to get files of Baidu Pan without speed limitation and don't want the installation of annoying client programs. Here is the trick hoping helps friends in board4all.

    1. (Optional) Chrome extension: Touch VPN

      If you get this error page, you need Touch VPN to bypass Baidu banning your IP.

      Connecting VPN in Chrome.

      Successfully visiting Baidu Pan download links/page, asking you to enter 4 characters password:

    2. Chrome extionsion: Tampermonkey
      Custom the behavior of pages you're browsing. Not much to say.

    3. Tampermonkey script: BaiduPanDownloadHelper => to enable download function
      Once you install this script and the next one, the page will show additional download function.

    4. Tampermonkey script: 百度网盘高速下载助手 => to get direct download links
      (sorry, Chinese name only, meaning: High speed Baidu Pan download assistant)
    5. Once you're all set, you will get additional function in Baidu Pan pages:

      A. to get files directly in Chrome like regular downloads, no speed limitation.

      B. to get files by copying link then pasting to MiPony/IDM

    6. (Optional) IDM like MiPony
      As usual once you got the links in you clipper board!
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