Directly download -- Forbidden Host -- Pan with Chrome/MiPony(IDMs)

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    -- Forbidden Host -- Pan network disk locating in China has huge files.
    If you really need to get files of -- Forbidden Host -- Pan without speed limitation and don't want the installation of annoying client programs. Here is the trick hoping helps friends in board4all.

    1. (Optional) Chrome extension: Touch VPN

      If you get this error page, you need Touch VPN to bypass -- Forbidden Host -- banning your IP.

      Connecting VPN in Chrome.

      Successfully visiting -- Forbidden Host -- Pan download links/page, asking you to enter 4 characters password:

    2. Chrome extionsion: Tampermonkey
      Custom the behavior of pages you're browsing. Not much to say.

    3. Tampermonkey script: BaiduPanDownloadHelper => to enable download function
      Once you install this script and the next one, the page will show additional download function.

    4. Tampermonkey script: 百度网盘高速下载助手 => to get direct download links
      (sorry, Chinese name only, meaning: High speed -- Forbidden Host -- Pan download assistant)
    5. Once you're all set, you will get additional function in -- Forbidden Host -- Pan pages:

      A. to get files directly in Chrome like regular downloads, no speed limitation.

      B. to get files by copying link then pasting to MiPony/IDM

    6. (Optional) IDM like MiPony
      As usual once you got the links in you clipper board!
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