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Dot n Beat - Test your hand speed v1.3.2 [Mod]

Discussion in 'Android and iOS Games' started by EcoAlfa, Apr 13, 2019.

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    Dot n Beat - Test your hand speed v1.3.2 [Mod]
    Requirements: 5.0+
    Overview: Dot n Beat is an absolutely addictive game with the most thrilling and exciting rhythm! You never wanna miss it!


    Our Team is trying to make the game better and better
    We are glad to accept Song Recommendation!
    Song list will be updated regularly

    2019 latest music arcade game, which tests your music rhythm and hand speed. Challenge your friends and see who has the last laugh!

    A combination of various music written by the world's brilliant independent musicians, audiovisual effects and distinctive game playing-modes makes Dot n Beat enjoyable for all ages. A memorable music journey is about to start, let’s rock n roll!

    How to play
    Follow the beats and control the moving direction of the light ball by tapping the screen. Listen to the rhythms and play to the music so that you can get a higher score and more diamonds. Move your fingers to experience the thrills of compact rhythms.

    Key Features

    Easy to play, everyone can be the rhythm master
    Enormous songs by excellent independent musicians and fast-paced playing-mode make it impossible to stop playing
    Addicted rhythm, challenge your friend with a higher score
    Totally free-unlock more mysterious skins

    What are you waiting for? Download now and test your music sense and hand speed!

    What's new:
    1. 4 New Songs Updated
    - Shuriken Love BY Gus Glitter
    - Kirameki BY Wacci
    - Deformation BY Wacci
    - Starting BY VVV Siren
    2. Language Optimized (French, Italian, Spanish)
    3. Spin Bug Fixed

    Mod Info:
    ● A Lot Of Heart.
    ● A Lot Of Diamond.
    ● A Lot Of Medical kit.
    ● No Pop-Up Ads Unlock.

    This app has no advertisements

    More Info:

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