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ExperienceIndexOK 1.17

Discussion in 'Free Software' started by angel, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. angel

    angel Registered User

    Dec 23, 2016
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    Software Product Description
    Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 do not display the performance index even though the operating systems still calculate it. The performance index rates the hard disc, display system, RAM and CPU as individual sub-scores and then gives the computer's base score. In other words, it is Microsoft's method of measuring how well a computer can run the operating system by calculating the capability of its hardware and software configuration. For example, a computer with a base score of 2.0 can run general computing tasks but not advanced multimedia or Aero features in Windows 7 or 8. High-end computers have base scores of 7 or above. The index displays the lowest sub-score a computer earns. The sub-scores range between 1.0 and 9.9.
    ExperienceIndexOK is designed to read and display the WEI. You may also use the small program to calculate the performance index afresh. It is a portable application that you can run from the desktop or even a USB memory stick.

    When you launch the application for the first time, it will take a few seconds retrieving the data, which it then displays on a small and simple user interface. It lists rated components in bold on the left part of the application window, respectively followed by what is rated in each component, their sub-scores and the system's base score. You will also see the name and edition of the installed operating system.

    ExperienceIndexOK allows you to take a screenshot of the application window and export it to MS Paint or save it as an image. It also provides quick access to different system tools. The small application is ideal even for the operating systems that display the details because you can access the information without searching for it in the Control Panel.

    The application is compatible with Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.




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