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F# for Machine Learning Essentials

Discussion in 'Certifications, eBooks and Tutorials' started by bytecode72, Mar 17, 2016.

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    Get up and running with machine learning with F# in a fun and functional way

    The F# functional programming language enables developers to write simple code to solve complex problems. With F#, developers create consistent and predictable programs that are easier to test and reuse, simpler to parallelize, and are less prone to bugs.
    If you want to learn how to use F# to build machine learning systems, then this is the book you want.
    Starting with an introduction to the several categories on machine learning, you will quickly learn to implement time-tested, supervised learning algorithms. You will gradually move on to solving problems on predicting housing pricing using Regression Analysis. You will then learn to use Accord.NET to implement SVM techniques and clustering. You will also learn to build a recommender system for your e-commerce site from scratch. Finally, you will dive into advanced topics such as implementing neural network algorithms while performing sentiment analysis on your data.

    Publisher: Packt Publishing
    By: Sudipta Mukherjee
    ISBN: 978-1-78398-934-8
    Year: 2016
    Pages: 194
    Language: English
    File size: 25.5 MB
    File format: PDF

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    I have renewed the download link in the @bytecode72 post.
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