Franzis SHARPEN Projects Photographer 1.19 - The best choice to refocus your shots for macOS

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    SHARPEN Projects Photographer 1.19.02653

    Images need sufficient sharpness to be amazing. And no digital camera in the world takes only perfect images, even the most experienced of photographers make mistakes! Blurred or unsharp images have so far been discarded even when their motifs were appealing. With SHARPEN projects photographer, this practice becomes a thing of the past. SHARPEN projects photographer is the best choice to refocus your shots, no expert knowledge required! Sharpen projects Photographer for Mac
    - Powerful mist and fog correction
    - No more blur thanks to Adaptive Multiscale Deconvolution
    - Adaptive Multiscale Deconvolution: Innovative blur correction with 100x detection zone
    - Adaptive Gradient Sharpening - brilliant sharpness for landscapes, still portraits, macro shots and product photos
    - Works with RAW and JPG files
    - Mathematically precise calculations for the perfect sharpness setting

    A single click - a perfect result. Thematic presets help you achieve the best result for your source image. Even better: Various fine tuning controls allow for extensive post processing for professionals. The integrated preview lets you quickly switch between the original and the processed image to help you keep track of your modifications and stay in full control of the sharpening process.

    OS X 10.7+

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