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Game Creator 0.9.9

Discussion in 'Templates and Assets' started by meikatun, Aug 10, 2019.

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    Requires Unity 2018.4.4 or higher.
    Game Creator is a complete tools suite that will help you kickstart your game in a matter of minutes. It empowers artists, designers and programmers with the necessary tools to create games without having to write a single line of code.

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    ✨ FEATURES ✨

    • Visual Scripting: Powerful high-level instructions that are so easy to use that feels like cheating — Actions are instructions executed from top to bottom. Triggers allow you to react to events by executing its corresponding Actions. You can also use Conditions to execute Actions depending on certain conditions.

    • Characters: Creating a character is literally two clicks away. Adding your custom 3D model? One more click and you're ready to go. It supports multiple control schemas, including WASD, Point & Click, Follow Pointer and Side-Scroll.

    • Cameras: Set up your cinematic scenes using multiple cameras shots and transition between them at runtime with an Action. There are multiple camera types, including dolly cameras, fixed position cameras, shoulder cameras, animated cameras, and many more!

    • Complete Save/Load System: Game Creator comes with a complete Save & Load system that automatically keeps track of the most important game data. The best part is that executing a simple Save Game action is all you need to save the game. To load a game, just use the Load Game action. Can't get any easier!

    • Variables: A complete Variable system that allows to keep track of your game's state. It includes Global Variables, Local Variables and List Variables.

    • Module Manager: Game Creator allows to seamlessly install and manage modules designed to extend its functionalities.

    • Game Creator Hub: Looking for a very specific Action that isn't in Game Creator? We got you covered! Download free community made Actions, Conditions and Triggers! Are you a programmer? You can contribute by uploading your custom extensions! Click here to know more.

    ✨ MODULES ✨

    Game Creator has an ever growing number of modules that will bring your game to the next level by extending and adding new features:


    More coming soon! Click here to see the full roadmap!


    • Platforms: Game Creator is fully compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux, as well as Android and iOS. VR Headsets are also supported with the proper SDK.

    • Unity: Game Creator is compatible with Unity Personal, Plus and Pro. It requires Unity 2018.3 or newer.

    • Source Code: Game Creator provides access to its full source code, making it compatible with both AOT and JIT compilers hassle free.


    Join our Discord server for support from the developers and fellow users. We have a very friendly community that will gladly help you in case we're not around at the time!

    For more complex questions, use our new support forum: support.gamecreator.io!

    Game Creator has a comprehensive A to Z Manual full of GIFs and pictures that will help you go from zero to hero in no time! Everything is explained for complete beginners but we also cover advanced topics for experienced users.

    What are you waiting for?

    Let us do the heavy lifting while you focus on what matters: Making games!

    Youtube | Twitter | Tech Demo (old) | WebGL demos

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    Do you have any of the addon's for this package?
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    I've been looking as well. no luck so far on any of my sources.