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Globus VPN Browser

Discussion in 'Free Software' started by jaiganga, Dec 7, 2018.

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    Dec 7, 2018
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    Globus VPN Browser Version

    Globus VPN Browser - securely encrypts all the Internet traffic of the user, and also hides your IP address. Internet without restrictions, protection from any kind of tracking and interception protection, scanning and interception of traffic to WI-FI networks, Firewall, that prevents the scanning of your IP address by Internet intruders.

    VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a special technology that creates a secure, anonymous connection between your computer and the Internet. Information (in encrypted form) first arrives at our servers, and only then dispatched to the right site. A VPN substitutes your IP address, to find out the original is impossible. VPN service is indispensable in cases when you need to hide personal details and protect yourself from the vigilant eyes of Internet service providers and sites visited. And users concerned about this problem.

    VPN service is especially essential for business people, leading correspondence with colleagues via the Internet, businessmen, those who wish to visit is blocked by the providers of the sites, those used to using public or wireless networks (Wi-Fi, etc.), as well as people whose right to privacy means anything.

    The main advantages of Globus VPN Browser:
    • Access to any banned sites (news portals, blogs, games, etc.).
    • Anonymous surfing on the Internet.
    • Protection from interception and storage of sensitive (personal) information.
    • Protection against viruses and hacker attacks.
    • Protection from any attempt of obtaining a real IP address.
    • Secure connection on public networks, including wireless networks Wi-Fi.
    • Secure access to Skype and other similar services.

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