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[Guardian Hunter] - AnkuLua AutoBot with 2 accounts

Discussion in 'Android and iOS Games' started by Chương Võ, Sep 1, 2018.

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    Jul 11, 2018
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    This is my AutoBot created for Guardian Hunter game.
    note* The shared script would be expired in 7days from 9:00AM 1 Sep 2018 - GMT +7

    Script link:
    Hidden Content:
    video preview

    Auto Features:
    - Config 2 account separated, like choose Stage to train, or pick Hunter whom you want to train
    - During training:
    • Change Hunter when finish stage (save time to recovering Hunter's stamina)
    • Check HP/MP potions, buy HP/MP when its out
    • Train with your own Guardians, or with other's Guardians
    • Sell Item Inventory when fulled (all item's grade)
    • Sell Guardian Inventory when fulled (grade 1 stars - 3 stars)
    • Fuse GEM when GEM Inventory fulled (fuse all GEM) - TASTY!!! [​IMG]
    • Auto revive if you have Revive Stone
    • Go Home Screen when your Revive Stone is out, then change Hunter and go on
    • Buy [Time Sale] every time when stamina is out
    • Choose [Delay] time to take rest while waiting for staminia recovering

    - Auto Colosseum (removed features in this file cause of personal reason)
    - Auto play PartyPlay from 1 - 7 rounds or NON-STOP (for boosting other Player's Level)
    - Auto Enhance items to +7

    Auto requiments:
    - Auto not for newbie player, Auto only choose stage from 50 and above, it means you must be strong enough to use the Auto - why? 'cause the Game is easy to get Max level 50 and recieve too much gifts by doing main Questline. So at least you can train at stage 50, if you are more stronger than that, just go to Stage that suit to your strength
    - KOPlayer is recommended
    - Use Multiple Account play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.excelliance.multiaccounts - to create 2nd Account
    - Must be run at 720x410 Resolution
    - Must purchase time for rent, like week or months (this Auto won't sell with completed price) - contact n00bchuong@gmail.com for pricing or support
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