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iOS programmer needed.

Discussion in 'Programming Services Available/Wanted' started by FriendOfGhost, Oct 6, 2013.

  1. FriendOfGhost

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    Jan 15, 2009
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    Dear friends,
    I want to thank Jen and Zeus to support my project and let me post into board4all forum.

    What I need is an iPhone/iPad application.
    Its basically an application that pulls item descriptions from server.
    It works with internet connection. otherwise not possible.
    User will download application with a fee and predefined credit
    There will be a splash screen that I can insert logo and some text
    (you can use this screen to update item lists from web server)
    He or she will enter one, two or more item names
    Maximum of 5 item names would be fine but if it could be unlimited it would be great
    Item names will be added from combo boxes with partial search capability
    Item names have to be downloaded from my server
    Item names are changing every month in unknown dates. there can be 2 or more change in item name list on server
    Application will get these names from server by using soap. there will be web method that returns all item names
    They can be cached or not, I don't know, don't care. if cached of course there will be change tracking mechanism if there's new list on the server or not. there are 40 to 50.000 names in the list. Average name length is 55 chars.

    In addition to item names some other information will be entered by user
    field1 - number
    field2 - yes or no
    field3 - yes or no
    field4 - yes or no

    All these fields are mandatory

    Then user click a button and application call a web method on my server
    Return of method will be a xml document containing these fields:
    level - from 1 to 10 integer
    exists - yes no
    message - string
    technical information - string

    Technical information can be html tagged string. if possible I prefer to make some text bold, some text red etc by using html tags. I'll prepare text on server side so iPhone/iPad application will only show formatted html text.

    That's it. Here's the purchase process. That's more compacted than app itself:
    Users will download app with a purchase.
    Upon new purchase I'll give them lets say 10 credits.
    10 credit means user can press "check item" button 10 times.
    Each query to my server in decrease credit count.

    After new install of app, application should ask user information.But this is optional. User can complete registration process later. After registration there should be option that shows user registration data.

    name, birthdate, address and zip code, gender, email and explanatory field. Then application will submit these information to my server via web api again.

    After credit counter comes to zero, or before that if user wants to, he or she can buy new credits. This is an app-in purchase.

    That's it.

    All my computers are mac but unfortunately I'm a windows guy. I use Xcode and macos very poorly and especially this app-in purchase stuff way over me.
    There must be a step by step guide how can I make necessary definitions on App Store site.
    That's because there will be more than one credit type. I'm thinking go 10, 20, 50 or 100 credits, maybe more.
    Code must be included so I'll compile and put into App Store

    At the moment to prevent everybody call my webapis I use a additional token filed.if token is not correct I don't do the job.
    I plan to change token from time to time so if somebody somehow finds it out he or she cannot use api after change.

    User of course can install this application on every iPhone or iPad he has and can use credits across devices.

    What I don't know is how to keep track of users, their credits on my server. I would like to add some extra credits to users as bonus or zero their credits so they cannot use application anymore. I can write any server side code but I need advise on that. Developer should lead me on that issue. I'm considering the cracked app situation. if I see that someone is querying 100 times in less than a hour I have to suspect about the situation, stop the user's activity, contact with user to do something… whatever it is.

    I don't want any user say to his friend "here, use my login credentials". application and credits must be device specific.

    Also there's a cracking problem.
    I will also need advice of developer on this issue. I know I cannot prevent anybody to crack app but as I said above I have to have the possibility of zeroing credits from server side.

    I'm thinking about another problem that needs to be solved (by developer)
    I need to pre-load some applications (users) for advertisement reasons. but I don't want long conversations like do this, do that, I'll send you this code, enter the code here blah blah blah with these free users. I just want to say "install free version, give me your email address, I'll load 200 credits to you. when you register yourself you can start to use app". I need solution to this problem. Again, of course I'll write necessary server side code according to developers needs.

    So my friends, I need price and delivery time information. I kindly ask you to post questions in here and PM time/price information.

    Best regards and take care….
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  2. heart2ink

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    Nov 3, 2009
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    iOS Developer.

    Dear developer, maybe you can try use your javascripts skills and use Titanium Studio by AppCelerator. I hope this tool can help with your app, combine with WCF, we develop an IOS App Dashboard.
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  3. FriendOfGhost

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    Jan 15, 2009
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    Yeah, but I need a payment option and appstore is very trustable for me and users. I already have web based option. thanks.
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  4. Ph!d

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    Sep 11, 2008
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    I rather suggest Xamarin since you are able to develop using C#. The final app is also native, the problem is that in order to debug an iOS app you need a Mac (maybe it could work with a virtual machine). But if you already have a Mac, then just Xcode, Xamarin Studio and the Xamarin.iOS will be enough.

    I've been playing and doing some test with this technology. So far, it's a nice alternative for .NET developers.
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  5. men240

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    May 14, 2006
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    Just do what this forum do for their search function, there's a delay time after each search/which means after each query for you. I remember, I spam alot of searches on a website/forum elsewhere on the internet before, it auto penalise me, so that there be longer delay for next search or query(you could do that with your app right?).;)

    One thing I hope you don't do is penalise/banned ip since there's alot of countries including mine using dynamic ips for home/office usage(its cheaper compare to static ip) or even sharing the same ip for different users. You might banned the wrong user.:rolleyes:
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  6. me

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    Mar 10, 2008
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    I would actually advise taking a lesson from the big guys in years past.

    First: Pretty impossible to protect your technology... If someone wants crack something and has the skills they will. I dont bother so much anymore but I've yet to come across something I cant crack if I put my noodle to it. I just dont "get into it" and never did. Some do. I dont.

    Second: If you have something thats truly a valuable app for the mass-mobile-market (M&M's and M's) :)... then IMHO take a lesson. You WANT oodles and oodles and oodles of people using it even if they are using borrowed or cracked accounts. Its exceptionally cheap marketing (and marketing is not cheap). Once you have those millions of users... Then deploy the edition of the software that not only is "Ooo-la-la" but also affords the proper preventions against "most" common abuses. In other words, instead of seeking ways to protect your revenue stream right now, work on the next edition which every existing (and non-existing) user will "need" and "want" to use and protect THAT.

    Money is made through a vision of tomorrow not attempting save the day.

    Lastly: Ever so important. With said vision if your expecting sheeploads of traffic then make sure and develop the administrative backend in a lingo that can deal with the demand. There are many choices, C++, Java, Go etc... Point being the backend serving the app need be able to meet demand. DO NOT use PHP etc. Sucks at scaling and no matter what the "web-app" when it comes to something that "hits it big" servicing server load is an issue. Enterprise operations use a variety of mechanisms and methods to deal with it from dedicated connections servers to distributed services, distributed cloud services etc etc. With Java there is considerable libraries of code etc. you can draw upon and its the chosen language for most enterprise operations that are not fully proprietary in nature. For those that are, its c++. Unfortunately with c++ the tons of web support isnt out there but things such as the code from cppCMS, wt or treefrog can ease LOTS of pain.

    In today's app world for android or iOS its important to get known, very important if you intend to truly monetize. Because if you come up with a winning concept and limit it trying to get every cent you can from start-up you can be rather assured someone else will turn around and steal your fire. BUT... if you turn around and look at your start-up as sheer marketing and vision monetizing it down the road you stand a WHOLE LOT better chance at actually doing so.

    In other words... BUILD your market FIRST and in doing so make as certain as possible that no other opportunist steals your thunder. For example, why would Bob Q. Development Dude go and swipe your concept when your already doing it for free or next to nothing. He wont see a green opportunity so he wont bother. Once you have millions of users THEN monetize. And... once you have millions of users you might find your original thoughts on monetizing wane in opportunities of monetizing in other ways (often the case actually).

    Just my two cents.