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Jules Verne - Return To Mysterious Island (2004)

Discussion in 'Games' started by dylan4, Sep 11, 2019 at 09:24.

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    Jules Verne - Return To Mysterious Island (2004)


    Jules Verne - Return To Mysterious Island (2004) (ISO)

    On an uncharted tropical island, anything is possible...

    Alone on a round-the-world sailing expedition, adventurous and determined Mina, becomes stranded on the shores of a wild and apparently uninhabited island. Exploring her new surroundings, she uncovers artifacts, living spaces and technologies left behind by the people who came before her to this uncharted island.

    Desperate to leave the island, Mina builds a temporary home from the remains of Granite House, and uses her survival skills against the wilds of the jungle. Mina becomes aware of a figure in the shadows... Could this be the unsettled ghost of the legendary Captain Nemo?

    Take on the role of Mina and solve a variety of clever puzzles and use the various technologies found on the Nautilus to return to civilization or remain cast away on the island forever.

    Travel beyond the Jules Verne classic... Your quest for survival begins...

    * Original interactive inventory system allows you to combine and create new items and tools
    * A multitude of tactile and environmental puzzles to solve.
    * Built-in hint system to help you on your journey.
    * Ambient sounds for a completely immersive experience.

    System Requirements:
    Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP
    800 MHz Pentium III - 64 MB RAM
    16x CD-Rom/DVD-ROM
    1.0 GB Free Hard Disk Space
    64 MB DirectX 9.0 Compliant Video Card
    DirectX 9.0 Sound Compatible
    Keyboard and mouse


    Hidden Content:
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