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Kiwix 2.0 apk + Kiwix for Windows + database Wikipedia 2016-05 at Mega

Discussion in 'Free Software' started by benedetti9000, Nov 17, 2016.

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    Nov 12, 2009
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    Kiwix 2.0 + Kiwix for Windows 0.9 + Database + wikipedia_en_all_nopic_2016-05

    Kiwix is an offline solution that allows navigate trough Wikipedia, Wiktionary, TED talks and many others, that's mean without need of internet, for example: in a plane, in a boat, in jail, in mars, at apocalipsis. The wikipedia, wiktionary, wikisource, etc., always available in your mobile, laptop or PC.

    Finally, the link at Mega:
    28.97 Gb

    Is a folder so i recommend synchronize it. If you only want the database, it's at "\data\content", and splitted so every file is smaller than 2gb. Sadly the index file termlist.DB has 7gb so you'll need exFAT to copy index files at your mobile. Actually i dont know how to verify the index files are working.

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