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Learning Swift: Building Apps for macOS, iOS, and Beyond, 3rd Edition

Discussion in 'Certifications, eBooks and Tutorials' started by DBB, Apr 6, 2018.

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    Get valuable hands-on experience with Swift, the open source programming language developed by Apple. With this practical guide, skilled programmers with little or no knowledge of Apple development will learn how to codewith the latest version of Swift by developing a working iOS app from start to finish.

    You’ll begin with Swift programming basics—including guidelines for making your code "Swifty"—and learn how to work with Xcode and its built-in Interface Builder. Then you’ll dive step-by-step into building and customizing a basic app for taking, editing, and deleting selfies. You’ll also tune and test the app for performance and manage the app’s presence in the App Store.

    Divided into four parts, this book includes:

    • Swift 4 basics: Learn Swift’s basic building blocks and the features of object-oriented development
    • Building the Selfiegram app: Build model objects and the UI for your selfie app and add location support, user settings, and notifications
    • Polishing Selfiegram: Create a theme and support for sharing and add custom views, image overlays, and localization
    • Beyond app development: Debug and performance test with Xcode, automate chores with Fastlane, and user-test the app with TestFlight
    Table of Contents
    Part I. Welcome To Swift
    Chapter 1. Getting Started
    Chapter 2. The Swift Programming Language
    Chapter 3. Object-Oriented Development In Swift

    Part II. Building Selfiegram
    Chapter 4. Setting Up Our App
    Chapter 5. Building The Model Object
    Chapter 6. Building The Selfie List Ui
    Chapter 7. Adding And Deleting Selfies
    Chapter 8. Viewing And Editing Selfies
    Chapter 9. Adding Location Info To The Selfies
    Chapter 10. Building A Settings View
    Chapter 11. Reminders And Notifications

    Part III. Polishing Selfiegram
    Chapter 12. Theming And Sharing Selfiegram
    Chapter 13. Custom Views And View Controllers
    Chapter 14. Image Overlays
    Chapter 15. Overlay Ui
    Chapter 16. Localization And Internationalization

    Part IV. Beyond Developing Selfiegram
    Chapter 17. Debugging
    Chapter 18. Ui Tests
    Chapter 19. Automating Chores With Fastlane
    Chapter 20. Using Fastlane’S Tools

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    I don't see any macOS related content

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    Is there a separate UI design file for the example application in this tutorial. Something one can compare with a sketch file?