Light a Way v1.7.1 (Latest) [Hack + Mod]

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    ***File APK has been signed but some machines willn't install, please use the Lucky Patcher (no root or root can be installed) to install
    (Link download Lucky Patcher - Official Website).

    Introduction game:

    Darkness has enveloped the sun and from within it, emerge the dark beings with a sole purpose to consume all beings of Light. It is now up to you, the Guardian. Gifted with the magical Staff of Flare, you must set on a path to restore the Light back to the world and rid the darkness that has tainted the very lands that you step on.


    Bring the Light back to the world as you channel the powers of Light. Tap to radiate flare onto your enemies, empower yourself with magical artifacts, and befriend cute glowing Lumis as you battle the forces of the abyss and restore Light to the world.


    Build Your Own Guardian
    Choose strategically from 90 different Bonds with your Fairies to strengthen and customize your character stats!


    Adorable Companions
    Collect all 30 squishy little Lumi friends with a total of 240 skills to assist you on your journey!


    Customizable Light Magic
    Learn 6 signature spells and develop your own spellcasting style from 18 specialisations!


    Weapons of Light
    Equip your Staffs empowered by Lightstone combinations to defeat the shadows!


    Light Up the World
    Save the world, receive incredible rewards, and awaken as an even more powerful Guardian of Light!


    Video game:

    Game Information:

    1. Requires Android 4.1 or higher (by ApkPure).
    2. APK File Size: 46.8 MB.
    3. RAM of 1 GB or more (the higher the better, the graphics will be nice and the purchase will not be lag).
    4. Hack version: v1.7.1 (latest).
    5. Game genre: Adventure, click does not end.

    Information Hack:

    1. Hack 1 billion diamonds.
    2. Hack to buy items do not lose diamonds but also give more diamonds.
    3. Hack 50% reduction in boss damage.
    4. Hack up 50% of gold received.
    5. Hack increases 100% damage when upgrading characters and fairies.
    6. Hack up 1500% damage to the spirit.
    7. Hack increases 10000% of the stone stat.
    8. Hack real estate purchases into diamonds.
    9. Hack skill to 1000 level (but if normal upgrade, only max is 10).
    10. Hack unlimited time skills received when clicked phoenix.
    11. Hack the package to buy more diamonds (But I disabled it to avoid having a diamond bug).
    12. Hack VIP in 365 days (Every day add 250 diamonds).
    13. Hack never expires VIP (End of 365 days on self renew for 365 more days).
    14. Hack x255 items (stones, staff) from the highest box in the shop.
    15. Mod 50% increase in game speed.
    And much more....

    Link download:
    Hidden Content:
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    @tumatanquang we do not allow referrer links, I fixed your link.
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