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Living Legends - Beasts of Bremen Collector's Edition macOS

Discussion in 'Games' started by QueenKong, Jul 2, 2018.

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    Living Legends: Beasts of Bremen Collector's Edition

    Download Living Legends: Beasts of Bremen Collector's Edition
    Hidden Content:
    Your sister has been chosen to play at Bremen’s legendary music festival! But your joy is short-lived when a dark fog blankets the town and your sister goes missing! To top it all off, someone is transforming people into animals! Can you uncover the sinister magic at play and save the city? Find out in this breathtaking hidden-object puzzle adventure game!

    Help a bumbling prince find a magic water source in the bonus chapter!
    Collect lots of paper dolls and morphing objects.
    Earn fun achievements as you play.
    Get beautiful wallpapers, screen savers, concept art, and more.
    Replay mini-games and hidden-object puzzles until you master them.

    OS X 10.6+