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Discussion in 'All Applications (Win, Linux)' started by Kratong, Jul 22, 2019.

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    Lookeen Enterprise Edition + Serial + Host-File Patcher

    [​IMG] https://lookeen.com/index.html#maintext

    Lookeen_10.8.1.6330 (~30MB)
    Outlook Addon-Version
    UnHidden Content:

    Lookeen Desktop Search finds Everything.
    Your time is too valuable to waste on inefficient and ineffective search – use Lookeen for fast and effective full-text file and email search. The multiple award-winning professional desktop search solution finds all important information for you in record time. Whether searching in Microsoft® Outlook®, PST archives, on Exchange servers, Public folders, on the desktop, in the network or in virtual desktop environments: Lookeen finds every email, every document and every photo immediately, no matter where it’s saved
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