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Mozilla Firefox 60.0.1 Final / 60.0.1 ESR [x86/x64](Quantum) – Final

Discussion in 'Free Software' started by angel crespo montalvo, May 16, 2018.

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    Mozilla Firefox 60.0.1 Final / 60.0.1 ESR [x86/x64](Quantum) – Final
    Firefox 60 is now in the stable channel. Improvements/changes include:

    - Added a policy engine that allows customized Firefox deployments in enterprise environments, using Windows Group Policy or a cross-platform JSON file
    - Enhancements to New Tab / Firefox Home
    - Redesigned Cookies and Site Storage section in Preferences for greater clarity and control of first- and third-party cookies
    - Applied Quantum CSS to render browser UI
    - Added support for Web Authentication API, which allows USB tokens for website authentication
    - Enhanced camera privacy indicators: Firefox now turns off your camera and the camera's light when you disable video recording, and turns the camera and light on when you resume recording
    - Added an option for Linux users to show or hide page titles in a bar at the top of the browser. You’ll find the Title Bar option in the Customize panel available from the main browser menu.
    - Improved WebRTC audio performance and playback for Linux users
    - Locale added: Occitan (oc)

    Firefox 60 includes enhancements to New Tab, a new policy engine and more.

    Mozilla plans to release Firefox 60 and Firefox 60 ESR on Wednesday. While Firefox 60 is just another update for users of the stable channel, the same cannot be said for ESR (Extended Support Release) installations.

    Firefox 60 ESR is a major upgrade that is available as an upgrade from Firefox 52 ESR. If you follow Firefox development, you know that major changes happened in the past couple releases and especially with the release of Firefox 57.

    Firefox features a new design, performance improvements, and dropped support for legacy add-ons to name just a few of the changes.
    Firefox 60 ESR Timeline

    Mozilla plans to release Firefox 60 ESR on May 9, 2018. Existing Firefox ESR installations don't need to be updated to the new major version directly as Firefox 52.8 and Firefox 52.9 will be released alongside Firefox 60 ESR and Firefox 60.1 ESR.

    The release of Firefox 62 and Firefox 60.2 on September 5, 2018 marks the end of the 52.x version of Firefox ESR.
    Differences between Firefox 60 and Firefox 60 ESR


    Firefox 60 and Firefox 60 ESR offer identical functionality for the most part. Firefox 60 ESR supports only WebExtensions, and it supports most features that are supported by Firefox 60.

    There are notable differences, however.

      • Service Workers are not supported by default. The main reason is that work continues on the implementation of Service Workers in Firefox. You can enable Service Workers in Firefox 60 ESR by loading about:config?filter=dom.serviceWorkers.enabled and setting the preference to true on the page that opens.
      • Push Notifications disabled. Push Notifications require Service Workers and since Service Workers is not enabled by default, Push Notifications is neither. To enable Push Notifications in Firefox 60 ESR: load about:config?filter=dom.push.enabled and set the value of the preference to true.
      • Enterprise Policies for Firefox 60 ESR. Enterprise admins used CCK2 Wizard in previous versions of Firefox to configure Firefox installations in networks. CCK2 Wizard is not compatible with Firefox 57 and policies replaced it. While many policies work in all versions of Firefox, some policies are limited to Firefox ESR.
      • Option to disable add-on signature enforcement. Mozilla made add-on signatures mandatory with the release of Firefox 43. While you can't disable signature requirements in Firefox Stable or Beta, it is possible to disable the feature in Firefox Dev, Nightly and also in Firefox 60 ESR.To do so, load about:config?filter=xpinstall.signatures.required and set the preference to false.
    Firefox 52 ESR and Firefox 60 ESR differences

    Firefox 60 ESR differs from Firefox 52 ESR in significant ways as well.

      • Windows XP and Windows Vista are not supported. Microsoft dropped support for the two operating systems years ago, and so have companies such as Google already. Firefox ESR 52 is the last official Firefox version that supports the two operating systems. Firefox 60 ESR won't support XP or Vista.
      • Support only for the Adobe Flash NPAPI plugin and not for Microsoft Silverlight or Java. This ends options to play Java or Silverlight content in Firefox.
      • WebAssembly is enabled by default. It was disabled in Firefox 52 ESR.
      • Multi-process handling the same as in Firefox 60 Stable.
    Mozilla Firefox 60.0.1 Final


    Download Page | All Languages and OS

    Mozilla Firefox 60.0.1 Final


    https://download-installer.cdn.mozilla.net/pub/firefox/releases/60.0.1/win32/en-US/Firefox Setup 60.0.1.exe
    https://download-installer.cdn.mozilla.net/pub/firefox/releases/60.0.1/win64/en-US/Firefox Setup 60.0.1.exe

    Mozilla Firefox 60.0.1 ESR




    https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/60.0.1esr/win32/en-US/Firefox Setup 60.0.1esr.exe

    https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/firefox/releases/60.0.1esr/win64/en-US/Firefox Setup 60.0.1esr.exe
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