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Murderous Pursuits (2018) Multi

Discussion in 'Games' started by tiger96, May 4, 2018.

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    Murderous Pursuits (2018)

    Murderous Pursuits is a stealth-style "kill or be killed" multiplayer game that can include 1 to 8 players. Spy on your victims, called Prede coldly, and wait for the right moment to fall on them. But be careful not to end up under the clutches of the other players who are hunting you!

    Kill your prey
    Behave like any other passenger to avoid being spotted, find the highest scoring weapons and spy out your targets in the way that suits your cool-looking character.

    The best and most clever wins
    Get the maximum score before the end of the round to win. Maximize the score by finding weapons of high value and minimizing exposure, then close with crimes in style. Too much prudence will not take you far. Rashness, on the contrary, will put you at the mercy of other hunters.

    Choose your method
    Take advantage of the set of skills available such as disguise, flash and contrast to outsmart opponents and complete your task. By paying attention, you may be able to understand your opponent's abilities.

    Spy and escape
    Use the Preda Detector to locate the target. Keep an eye on the Hunter's marker to escape death. But be careful, even your prey could watch you.

    Do not attract attention and do not export
    Keep cool and use the environment and its passengers to hide in full view. If you do not, you will increase the exposure, until you reveal yourself to the prey and your hunter.

    Pay attention to the Guards
    The Guards are on board to ensure passenger safety. Pay attention: they are on board just hunting for murderers. Anyone caught in the act will be blocked and exposed to hunters' attacks.

    Choose your character
    Choose among the eight heinous killers available, one more dangerous than the other. From the cold Duchess to the shrewd Evasore, you will be free to choose which type of villain best matches your style.

    Challenge yourself
    Climb the rankings to become the deadliest killer in the world, or the one most committed to emptying the kitchen!

    Genre: Action, Indie
    Developer: Blazing Griffin
    Publisher: Blazing Griffin
    Release date: 26 Apr 2018
    Size: 3.4 GB
    Languages: English *, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Turkish
    * languages with full audio support
    Murderous.Pursuits-CODEX (DELUXE EDITION)

    Hidden Content:
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