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NBP Lumizone for Adobe Photoshop 1.1.001 windows

Discussion in 'Icons, Presets, Plugins, Vectors, Wallpapers, ...' started by enyi, Jul 14, 2019.

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    NBP Lumizone for Adobe Photoshop 1.1.001


    For years, luminosity masks in a retouching workflow have been utilized by countless retouchers and editors, and for good reason. Many elaborate Photoshop Actions have been scripted and sold for the purposes of luminosity mask creation over the years, several involving "storing" dozens of masks in the Channels palette, to be called on as needed. Some users opt to create a luminosity mask as needed, when needed, using any number of methods. Regardless of your preferred approach, the creation of luminosity masks has traditionally been clunky at best, and tedious no matter what.

    Creation and active control of luminosity masks
    - Generate luminosity mask for any layer or adjustment layer
    - Actively change each luminosity mask on-the-fly during your workflow
    - 3 options to generate luminosity masks from:
    - Create masks from the image's overall luminosity
    - Create masks from R, G, or B channels
    - Create masks from the image's overall saturation map
    - Select any combination of 11 luminosity ranges for any mask
    - Invert range selection instantly
    - Toggle layer or mask view on-the-fly while adjusting luminosity ranges
    - Adjust contrast of mask as needed
    - No additional layers are created to generate or modify masks
    - No need to store luminosity masks in Channels palette

    A Plug In Solution
    More efficient and streamlined than Actions (and panels that utilize scriptable processes in Photoshop) by avoiding the creation of multiple unnecessary adjustment layers and channels.

    Active Previewing
    View results of luminosity mask creation and modification on-the-fly.

    Works with your existing workflow
    No need to radically modify your workflow – simply create luminosity masks on layers or adjustment layers as needed.

    HTML5 native Photoshop UI panel
    Intuitive and efficient, easy to understand user interface built for effective workflow.

    Multi threaded and vectorized code
    The algorithms are implemented to take advantage of modern CPUs for a real time experience.

    Internal 32 bit calculation
    - Works with 8, 16 and 32 bit images.
    - Less artifacts, less quantization.

    Requirements: Adobe Photoshop CC2014 and up.

    Homepage :
    Download NBP Lumizone for Adobe Photoshop 1.1.001 + Reg-file | 5.02 MB
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