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New Posters Must Read

Discussion in 'Smalltalk / Helpdesk' started by Markat, Feb 2, 2016.

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  1. Markat

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    Dec 12, 2004
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    Here is some information and sites to find warez.

    You must:
    1. Name of post & version
    2. Description of what you are posting
    3. Homepage of what you are posting
    4. Hide the link with HTC (must have a minimum of 50 Likes requirement - default is 50 if you leave value box empty) or HTNX, place links in box and hit post. HIDE-THANKSCOUNT (HTC) should be used in the Development and Reverser Official Release sections, and HIDE-THANKS (HTNX) is to be used in all other sections.
    5. Change log, if there is no change log for app, write no change log info.

    You can find posts here. Search our forum, make the post or add mirrors.

    Make sure nothing you post advertises another forum or site in the links or the image.
    No premium links unless you also provide non-premium links (but premium links must be stated).
    No direct download links to other forums/blogs allowed - only file sharing servers are allowed.

    You can post applications, ebooks, mobile, etc. You can add mirrors to existing posts provided the original post does not state "no mirrors".

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Thread Status:
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