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Reeder 4.0.3 - Popular news reader app

Discussion in 'Mac Apps' started by QueenKong, May 9, 2019.

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    Reeder 4.0.3 macOS

    A news reader for the Mac with support for various sync services.

    Reeder 4 adds new features like…
    - The new Bionic Reading mode
    - An in-app Read Later service which syncs with iCloud
    - Image previews in the articles list (finally)
    - An image viewer
    - Much improved article viewer
    - More layout options, including automatic layout depending on window size
    - Improved reader view

    Navigate the app using gestures for a great reading experience. Customize shortcuts and gestures to fine-tune the app to your needs.

    Supported sync services:
    - Feedbin
    - Feedly
    - Feed Wrangler
    - FeedHQ
    - NewsBlur
    - The Old Reader
    - Inoreader
    - BazQux Reader
    - Instapaper

    macOS 10.14+


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