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[REQ] Adobe Devnagari Font Family Required

Discussion in 'REQ > Graphics' started by HP Owner, Nov 30, 2018.

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    Aug 28, 2017
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    I need the following Adobe Devanagari Font Family:
    1. Adobe Devanagari Regular
    2. Adobe Devanagari Italic
    3. Adobe Devanagari Bold
    4. Adobe Devanagari Bold Italic

    and also need the following Adobe Myriad Devanagari Font Family:
    1. Myriad Devanagari Light
    2. Myriad Devanagari Light Italic
    3. Myriad Devanagari Regular
    4. Myriad Devanagari Italic
    5. Myriad Devanagari Semibold
    6. Myriad Devanagari Semibold Italic
    7. Myriad Devanagari Bold
    8. Myriad Devanagari Bold Italic
    9. Myriad Devanagari Black
    10. Myriad Devanagari Black Italic

    If anyone having, please share. Thanks in advance. Please!
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  2. GatoDeNieve

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    Jan 5, 2019
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    Hi. Here is the download link:
    Hidden Content:
    It downloads a RAR5 file (must have last WinRAR to uncompress) that contains all the Adobe Devanagari variants you request.

    Instructions for Windows font installation:
    To install the fonts, decompress the files and double click each one of them. On the window that opens, click Install.

    NOTE: Regarding the rest of the Adobe Myriad Devanagari Font Family fonts, they're not freely available in the web.
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