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Seams Magic tutorial

Discussion in '3D Help Desk' started by india, Jan 14, 2018.

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    old but useful for rookies or others for workin with DAZ models in C4D and BodyPaint. doesn't matter the version :cool:


    Tired of spending hours and hours trying to fix seams?

    Tired of using the same base textures over and over again to avoid seams and get them always soft, short of detail and not realistic?

    Now you have the solution... With Bodypaint from Maxon and this easy to understand video-tutorial you can learn to fix seams in minutes without the need to use base textures anymore.

    This video tutorial is divided into 3 parts:

    Video 1

    Here you will learn to create the correct pose in Poser for any character and then export it in wavefront obj format for later import into Cinema 4D.

    For this video tutorial we used Victoria 3 free from DAZ, but you can apply the same technique to any character.

    Video 2

    In this lesson, we will teach you with step by step detail, the correct way to prepare the character in Cinema with the templates required to fix the seams in Bodypaint.

    Video 3

    Finally you will learn the simple steps to follow in Bodypaint to directly paint over the character mesh, fixing all the seams in a few minutes.

    No more fighting with Photoshop and Poser at the same time. Now you can see in real time the final aspect of your seams fixation. You can paint directly over the seams, things such as hairs, moles, scars, etc. without any seam problems on final texture. Bodypaint is just magic!!!

    Be creative!! You can now paint over seams in seconds getting perfect results. Never before could you make such realistic textures in so little time!!


    We add to this tutorial our own layout used in Cinema lessons, so you can get the same aspect in your Cinema program as that shown in the videos. The videos have been made in Cinema 8.5 but you can apply this layout to any other version.

    Our own personal brushes for painting textures in Bodypaint will be provided also as a bonus.

    V3 [In the format of Sandy Lodge's Objaction Mover (.pcf)] already prepared in Cinema is also provided if you wish to begin to use Bodypaint immediately. Remember that you must learn the previous steps on Videos 1 - 2 to prepare the rest of characters like M3, David, The Girl, Aiko, etc. The same technique must be used for every character to get the figures prepared to fix texture maps in Bodypaint.

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