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Skybound Stylizer v7.17.1104.61 x86 / x64

Discussion in 'Web Development and Templates' started by mrka, Jul 13, 2018.

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    Skybound Stylizer v7.17.1104.61

    Real-Time CSS
    Immediate feedback saves countless hours. Say goodbye to the reload button!
    In Stylizer, your changes are immediately displayed in all browsers, in real-time ”literally as you type or move the mouse. This is a substantial productivity boost for designers of all skill levels.

    Size faster with grips
    Size Grips allow you to accurately resize any CSS dimension by clicking and dragging the mouse. Click, hold, and drag ”watch your page update in real-time and achieve perfection on your first try.
    Take the guesswork out of sizing. Find the exact spot where that stubborn div wraps. Or use them to perfectly position a background image.

    Two-click color changes
    Tweak any color in your stylesheet to find the perfect hue, saturation and luminance level for that exact look, in just two clicks: one click on the CSS declaration, another on the color picker which appears automatically.
    Stylizer provides two HSL-based color pickers and an opacity channel slider that generates RGB-based colors that work even on legacy browsers. Never guess another hex color code ever again!

    Take control of repetitive tasks
    The Remote Control makes many repetitive tasks a one-click operation. Most buttons here double as size grips, allowing you to save time with maneuvers like, for example, mousing down on the "background-position" button to insert a new declaration and starting to adjust it immediately by dragging the mouse.
    It's intelligent, too: when a declaration is already present, its button appears pressed, and Stylizer will adjust what you have instead of inserting. Or, right-click on a pressed button to delete a declaration without even looking for it.

    Write error-free CSS
    Stylizer knows all the latest CSS3 standards, and provides a real-time Warnings list that updates without delay, as you type. You'll also see a subtle red underline wherever your CSS does not validate. Stylizer even recognizes many common CSS "hacks" to ensure that the Warning list only contains actionable errors.

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