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Discussion in 'Free Software' started by QreOS, Sep 30, 2018.

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    Jul 12, 2018
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    Enjoy movies using your phone
    SoundIt is an app designed to let you listen to music and watch TV, loudly for you but quietly for others.
    Do you want to watch a movie or TV show from your computer, while sitting back on your couch, but without disturbing other people in the room? No problem!
    Use SoundIt and plug headphones into your smartphone so sound is muted for others but loud for you... WIRELESSLY!

    Use SoundIt with any device that has an up-to-date internet browser, without downloading or installing any app or software on the device.
    Also, SoundIt follows Google's Material Desing guidlines, so you will enjoy a good looking app with easy user interface.

    More uses of SoundIt:
    - Play music loudly without any amplifying equipment, just scatter devices in your place.
    - Use more than one headphones for one computer.


    I only use it as a mirror driver for audio between pc-pc and pc-phone.
    If you use it for real-time high quality video, ymmv.
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    it's free, contact the developer