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    StopUpdates10 1.10.17 (06 Aug 2018)

    How to finally stop Windows 10 updates and upgrades?

    I like updates! I like new free updates!
    But it’s really frustrating to me, that Windows 10 breaks my work and reboots my PC to install their update/upgrades.
    Unfortunately, there is no way to fully stop updating using the Windows interface.

    Why StopUpdates10 if I can easily stop Windows update service?
    This way does not work on Windows 10.
    Windows 10 uses a WAAS Medic service and some scheduled tasks to recover the Windows update service.

    This why I created a small utility StopUpdates10 that gets back control over updates to me.
    StopUpdates10 blocks executable files, related to Windows upgrade from starting.
    It is enough to stop Windows updating process.

    How it works?
    StopUpdates10 creates the policy registry keys to block updates.
    It blocks execution of several processes used for updating.

    Installer + Portable:
    Setup    :
    Portable :
    StopUpdates10 v1.10.x Quick Look

    You may use StopUpdates10 in your batch files or scripts.
    Ensure use it as Administrator.

    - disable Windows updates:
    StopUpdates10.exe /disable

    - enable Windows updates:
    StopUpdates10.exe /restore
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