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Synthesia 10.4.4395 Multilingual

Discussion in 'Games' started by hacker7, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. hacker7

    hacker7 is a Trusted Warez Posterhacker7 @Shakrah Staff Member Super Moderator DEV Guild

    Dec 2, 2017
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    • [​IMG]

    • A fun way to learn how to play the piano.
      Whether you've always wanted to learn or already have some experience, you've just found a fun new way to practice. Join the millions using Synthesia.


    • Play at Your Own Speed
      In melody practice, Synthesia waits for you to play the correct note before moving on.
      Read Sheet Music... or Not
      Enable musical notation for any song. Or, leave it turned off and just enjoy the falling notes.
      Practice Hands Separately
      Choose what you want to practice. Synthesia will play the rest for you so you can focus on your goal.
      Unlimited Songs
      Play all 150 included songs, every song from the Music Store, or any MIDI file you can find or create.
      Track Your Progress
      Immediate feedback shows how you played. Long term tracking shows how you're improving.
      Finger Number Hints
      Remind yourself which finger is best using a simple one-click gesture.
      Lighted Keyboard Support
      See upcoming notes in melody practice right on your lighted keyboard. Find difficult chords faster.
    Release Note:-
    • Sharp notation, Windows 10 MIDI, "Simple" labels, AVI export, and more!
      - Sheet music now always appears sharp, regardless of size.
      - Windows 10 MIDI support: lower latency synth and Bluetooth MIDI!
      - Support for "The ONE Smart Keyboard" key lights on iPad and Android.
      - New "Simple" labels mode that shows C, D, E, etc. on white keys only.
      - Windows version of the Video Creator now lets you export AVI files.
      - And 20+ more features and bug fixes.

    Name: Synthesia.10.4.4395
    Size: 13.56 MB
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