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The Battle of Polytopia vMultitopia [Unlocked]

Discussion in 'Android and iOS Games' started by chappelledeman, Jun 4, 2018.

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    The Battle of Polytopia vMultitopia [Unlocked]

    Requirements: 4.0+
    Overview: The Battle of Polytopia is a turn based strategic adventure. It's a game about ruling the world, fighting evil AI tribes, discovering new lands and mastering new technologies.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Auto generated maps make each game a new experience, with unlimited replay value.
    Pick and choose among different tribes. Wander in the dark cold forests of Barduria, explore the steamy Kickoo jungles or claim the lush field of the Imperius empire.
    Polytopia is the first game from the indie game studio Midjiwan, based in Stockholm, Sweden.

    What's New
    Welcome to the first Open Beta of the upcoming multiplayer feature for The Battle of Polytopia.
    Keep in mind that this version of the game uses a different database than the release version. That means that your saved scores and other data may differ from the regular version.
    Join the beta discussion at: https://discord.gg/xcBBQPd

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