Patch TMS FlexCell for .NET (2018)

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    TMS FlexCell for .NET

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    Feature overview
    • DLL based interface to read/write XLS,XLSX,XLSM files
    • Manipulate Excel files from any Windows programming language or application scripting supporting DLLs
    • Includes direct DLL function imports/wrappers for old Delphi versions
    • Can handle encrypted XLS, XLSX files
    • Conversion of XLS,XLSX files to HTML or PDF files
    • Can generate PDF, HTML reports from XLS,XLSX files
    • Comes as one easy to deploy DLL and can be used on machine without Excel installed
    • Includes DLL import unit & wrapper for Delphi 6 to Delphi 10 Seattle
    • Includes 32 and 64 bit dlls
    The DLL version is NOT designed for use from a .NET application. For .NET applications, please refer to TMS FlexCel Studio for .NET
    An XLSM file generated by FlexCel dll:

    Support for creating and reading encrypted XLS and XLSX files:

    Options for exporting to HTML:

    Options for exporting to PDF:

    Acrobat DC showing a PDF/A3b file generated with FlexCel. It also shows attachment support and unicode (including UTF16 surrogates) support, even in Delphi versions which are not Unicode (this file was generated in Delphi 6):

    Reading files:

    TMS Grid Filters
    Free interface between TMS Grids and TMS Flexcel to provide import/export capabilities to .XLS & .XLSX, .PDF formats.