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[Tool] Windows ISO Downloader 6.15 32/64-bit (Windows, Office, Dev Kits)

Discussion in 'Free Software' started by M4MUTE, Aug 5, 2018.

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    Feb 25, 2018
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    Windows ISO Downloader

    Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool is a portable application which helps you find and download genuine Windows and Office ISOs.

    The program supports Windows 7, 8.1, 10, 10 Insider Preview, Office 2007, 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2016.

    Choose the package you need and Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool offers further options. We selected Windows 10 Insider Preview, for example, and were presented with a list of 8 recent builds, many of which were available in multiple formats: Client, Enterprise, Education Insider, Core Single Language, China Only, IOT Core.

    Click the build you need, select a product language and you’re presented with 32-bit (if appropriate) and 64-bit download links. These point to the genuine ISOs on the Microsoft site, not files hosted elsewhere, so it’s safe to click and download them as usual.



    How to Use?

    1. Connect to the internet
    2. Launch Windows ISO Downloader
    3. That’s All, Enjoy

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    Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool v6.15 Multilenguaje

    Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool v6.15 Multilenguaje
    Incl. | 3.3 | FREE | WinALL

    This new tool allows an easy and convenient way to download Windows 7, 8.1 and 10, as well as Office 2007, 2010 and 2011 disk images (ISO) directly from Microsoft servers.

    Since Microsoft removed the disk images from Windows from Digital River, looking for virgin ISO files has been a pain. Our new tool will make your life easier, and provides an interface between Microsoft TechBench to download original Windows images directly from the Microsoft server.

    As of version 2.00, the tool can also be downloaded from Microsoft Office.

    Change history

    Version 6.15 (3 August 2018): Added Windows 7 Professional COEM; added the latest developer and Insider versions up to build 17723.
    Version 6.14 (24 July 2018): Added Excel 2010.
    Version 6.13 (22 July 2018): Fixed another issue in digital signature; added back XDK.
    Version 6.12 (21 July 2018): Fixed issue in digital signature.
    Version 6.11 (19 July 2018): Added the latest developer and Insider versions up to build 17713; added Office 2016 for Mac builds 16.14 and 16.15; removed Office 2016 for Mac builds 15.xx; temporarily removed XDK; renamed Project Honolulu to Windows Admin Center; fixed issues in Estonian localization; updated to Bootstrap 4.1.2; improvements and bugfixes in styles; updated Luminati component; localized info screen for Luminati in available regions.
    Version 6.10 (9 June 2018): Added back Spring Creators Update; added the latest developer and Insider versions up to build 17677; added Office 2016 for Mac build 16.13; added Microsoft Expression; moved XDK and Project Honolulu to new tab; fixed bug in copying link to clipboard; application signed with more secure certificates; improved location; added Lithuanian localization; improvements for users of IE 7 and 8 (experimental); updated to Bootstrap 4.1.1.
    Version 6.04 (25 April 2018): Fixed critical bug in internet connection.
    Version 6.03 (24 April 2018): Fixed more bugs in user interface; fixed errors in Serbian localization; added Windows Server build 17650; removed unreleased Spring Creators Update; set minimum requirement to IE 9; changed languages in dropdowns to their respective native names.
    Version 6.02 (17 April 2018): Updated to jQuery 3.3.1; updated to Bootstrap 4.1; fixed bugs and more style issues in user interface.
    Version 6.01 (15 April 2018): Added Office 2016 for Mac build 16.12; added Office 2010 Technology Guarantee and Academic; fixed style issues in user interface; added more loclization.

    download to


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