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[Torrent][Unity Asset] UModeler 2.0.9

Discussion in 'Templates and Assets' started by flo1789, May 31, 2018.

  1. flo1789

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    Feb 14, 2018
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  2. Vasil3

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    Sep 11, 2018
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    UModeler v2.0.9


    UModeler is a Unity extension to empower you to model and prototype easily and quickly. With UModeler, you can craft a static mesh asset as well as prototype a game level without any other external DCC tools. Moreover UModeler supports not only modeling with gizmos but also sketch-based modeling, which enables you to draw a 2D shape on a plane and make it 3D shape in intuitive ways. Any polygon is automatically triangulated to be fed to a rendering pipeline even though it has holes inside. It’ll save a lot of your time. UModeler consists of about 90 tools for modeling, which will make creating, transforming and editing your model a breeze in Unity.

    What you can do with UModeler
    • 3D Modeling from a low poly mesh to a rather complicated mesh.
    • Prototyping.
    • Modifying a mesh with Meshfilter component.
    • Texture Mapping with UV Editor.
    • 2D Drawing.
    • And more.


    Powerful and various modeling tools are provided as follows.
    • Translation/Rotation/Scale of Vertices/Edges/Polygons with gizmos
    • Curved shape modeling with Bevel and Follow Tools
    • Parameter-based primitive shapes to enable you to make a shape having whatever size you want.
    • Push/Pull tool to enable you to create a 3D shape from a face and cut a 3D shape.
    • Repair tools - Eraser, Bridge Fill, Collapse, Align, Flip, and Flatten tools.
    • Merge tools - Combine object/polygon/vertex, Boolean tools.
    • Mirror tool - Every modification will be mirrored to the other side of the mirror plane.
    • Selection tools - All/None, Isolated, Loop, Ring, Invert, and Increase tools.
    • Cutting Tools - Cut, LoopSlice and Clip tools.
    • Surface Tools - Material, UV Transform, and Smoothing Group tools.

    UModeler comes with powerful and intuitive drawing tools to create a 2D shape beyond a triangle and a quad. Both novice and advanced users will love the ability to draw any polygons even with holes.
    • Automatic and smart triangulation with no creation of additional vertices.
    • Simple polygon based topology(Click here to know Simple Polygon more).
    • Snap to a specific point for precise drawing.
    • Line, Parallel Line, Arc, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Disk, and Side Stair drawing tools are provided.
    • Handy Inset tool which enables you to draw a smaller or bigger version of a shape keeping the two shapes equidistant from each other. Multiple inset is supported as well

    • ProBuilder - Neat conversion of ProBuilder mesh
    • Surforge - PBR Texturing can be done immediately with UModeler and Surforge combination.

    UModeler is equipped with core functionalities for UV Mapping.
    • UV/Edge/Polygon/Island transform with Translate/Rotate/Scale/Rectangle gizmos.
    • Plane/View and Cube unwrapping.
    • Auto detection of overlapped edges.
    • All/None, Invert and Loop selection tools • Flip, 90 Rotate and Alignment tools.
    • Sew and MoveSew tools.
    • Collapse tool.

    With the modeling and drawing tools introduced above, prototyping is no problem.

    A mesh imported from other DCC tools can be modified and edited just by adding the UModeler component.

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  3. Fw

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    Jun 13, 2018
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    Can you update to last version please ?

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    Jan 2, 2019
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    Thanks! 2.5 from March 25th would be awesome! Any chance?
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