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    All the poly art animals are currently on a 30% discount. ($14.30)

    Once all 10 animals from the Forest package. (Wolf, Tiger, Bear, Boar, Rabbit, Raccoon, Moose, Deer, Cougar, Fox) are ready on the store, the price will change to $ 20.

    Then I will create a bundle with all of them with a value of $ 140. That way, if you have bought them separately, you will get the same discount as if you bought them as a bundle.

    They're so many amazing Low Poly Art Environments but is so sad that there's no wild life to populate them.. So here is some beautiful animals! (FOX)

    Forum Thread

    ******Web Demo*******

    They come with +62 AAA Animations.

    Includes character controller, and a animator component but you can always create your own or modify the existing one.

    This controller includes these Logic's:







    -Basic AI

    -Environment Included!!!!

    4 different Styles(Fennec,Mane Wolf,Black,Common)*Magic Mode

    Textures easy to modify (128x64)

    Download Link :
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