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War for the Overworld – The Under Games (2018) Multi

Discussion in 'Games' started by tiger96, May 4, 2018.

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    War for the Overworld - The Under Games (2018) Multilingual

    Mirrors: EasyBytez & Katfile

    Tired of invading dungeons? You can not get rid of the evil monotonous and endless quests in search of gold and a pair of boots slightly better than those you already have? Start asking yourself if heroism is really your way? Welcome to War for the Overworld! War for the Overworld is a dungeon management game that combines the best features of real-time strategy games and god games. You will play an evil and powerful Lord of Evil long since exiled in the Ether. Thanks to your unparalleled dark powers and your insatiable thirst for blood and conquest, you will rise from the darkness and regain your kingdom!

    During your absence, the Underworld has changed its face. It has weakened and is terrorized by the Empire of the Above World which, no longer having to face the evil threats of the past, has become increasingly powerful and self-assured. Dig your dungeon in the bare earth and among the stones of the Underworld, build dozens of unique rooms, draw a myriad of creatures in your rooms and make them work and fight for you.

    In addition to your faithful followers, you can count on powerful rituals and devastating spells to be thrown at the unsuspecting heroes without stain (or the Lords of Evil enemies) who dare to violate your wicked rooms. With your relentless dark powers and your mighty armies of bloodthirsty followers, you're finally ready to wage war on the Overworld in War for the Overworld!

    The Under Games Expansion:
    The Under Games is a tournament consisting of a seven-level campaign, divided into different game modes. Choose new Deities of the Abyss with specific styles of play and make them fight against each other in an elimination tournament organized by the bloody Mendechaus (Richard Ridings). Can you triumph in The Under Games to win the right to lead the charge in the Upper World War?

    Includes Game + all released DLCs

    Genre: Indie, Strategy
    Developer: Brightrock Games
    Publisher: Brightrock Games
    Release date: 20 Apr 2018
    Size: 7.4 GB
    Languages: English *, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Polish, Russian, Chinese
    With the sign * languages with full audio support all the others are only subtitled

    Hidden Content:
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