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  • It has been brought to our attention that Techlord, a.k.a "root admin" of Team-IRA and many other aliases is falsely claiming that he is an admin of our forum - he is not an admin of this forum or even staff, he is an ex-member who was banned from here and many other forums due to his sick behaviour. Alongside Team-IRA, he runs several fake blogs with multiple accounts where he is having conversations with himself, continues to be your typical troll and keyboard warrior who hides behind his keyboard posting rubbish about anything and everything to try gain attention and feed his sick and twisted ego - a good example of this is his recent claim that Zeus is still alive and the real admin of the above site. Ensure you are on our offical domain before logging in and if you have been asked for login details you should contact a member of staff immediately so we can secure your account.
  • is now protected by CloudFlare, just one of our ongoing measures to ensure the website runs smooth and is protected from the clowns who set out to try and ruin it.



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